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Lubricant supply monitoring

The service life of the lubricant is the decisive value for the bearing life. Depending on the application, either a grease or oil sensor can be used for monitoring. The lubricant can be topped up or replaced in good time before damage occurs.



The grease sensor has a diameter of 5 mm and is inserted in a hole in the housing as close as possible to the rolling bearing. The sensor is positioned in the lubricant. This grease sensor optically measures the water content, turbidity, thermal and mechanical wear and the grease temperature directly in the bearing arrangement. This information is transferred by cable to the evaluation unit. The evaluation unit generates an analog signal that provides the user with information rapidly and easily on the condition of the grease.

In the past, bearings were regreased as a function of time. The grease quantities and lubrication intervals were calculated numerically. If the grease sensor is used, regreasing can be carried out as a function of condition.

The grease sensor facilitates:
  • Requirement-based lubrication
  • Lower lubricant costs
  • Prevention of unplanned downtimes
  • Lower maintenance and servicing costs
  • Lower equipment costs
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